Saturday, October 16, 2010


Joan, my dear friend of 40+ years, sent me this recipe. It is one of the easiest (and richest) cakes I've ever tried and it is covered with a delicious cooked fudge frosting. It is a decadent delight!!

4 Milky Way candy bars (see note)1 cup butter
1 cup chopped pecans
2 cups sugar
1¼ cups buttermilk
1 teaspoon baking soda
4 eggs
2½ cups flour
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
Melt the candy bars, butter and nuts over low heat, set aside to cool. Mix sugar, buttermilk, baking soda, eggs, flour and vanilla, beat with electric mixer for 2 minutes. Fold in candy mixture. Pour into a greased and floured tube pan. Bake at 350 for one hour.
.FUDGE FROSTING2½ cups granulated sugar
1 cup evaporated milk
½ cup butter
6 ounces semi-sweet chocolate chips
½ of a 7 ounce jar marshmallow cream
Cook sugar, milk and butter to soft ball stage. Remove from heat. Beat in chocolate chips and marshmallow cream until smooth. Pour QUICKLY over completely cooled cake because this will start to set up as soon as it begins to cool.
NOTE: The original recipe called for 4 five cent Milky Way candy bars, so you know how old this recipe is. I used four 2.05 ounce bars but they were more like 69 cents, ha!!
NOTE: I baked this in an angel food cake pan and it took exactly an hour.
NOTE: Work quickly when frosting this cake because the fudge frosting hardens fairly quickly. The recipe says to pour over the cake and let it drizzle down the edges, but I had enough time to cover the sides. It makes a LOT of frosting and Joan told me she just uses the excess frosting to fill up the hole in the middle of the cake.


Donna-FFW said...

My brother in law is a chocolate fiend. He will go gaga over this!

Katy ~ said...

My teeth are aching just reading this but it sure does sound good! I bet a little goes a long ways. Will have to save this for the chocolate lovers in the family. Thanks Coleen, and thanks to your friend Joan for sharing.

Mary said...

wow i love that fudge frosting !

Heidi said...

This sounds amazing! I love old recipes. This is one I'm anxious to try!

Atty said...

My daughter in law will love this cake. Looks like a must try.

Cooking with K said...

this looks so good....great job!!!

Debbie said...

Love candy bar cakes. I've made a milky way one but not like this. I know I will be giving this one a try soon!

Joanne said...

I've made this cake before - found the recipe in one of those church cookbooks (you know they are tried and true!) always a hit! Might have to make this soon!

Ana Powell said...

Outstanding recipe.
Have a great Sunday ♥

Peggy Clyde. said...

I am a chocolate cake lover. Now I can have my cake and candy together. Thanks.

Leslie said...

Oh my word...I think I might have died and gone to dessert heaven!!!

Bunny said...

Look at the ingredients, butter, wonder the cake is good and the milky ways just add to the goodness!

Ingrid said...

I'm bookmarking this for Ms. Karolyn our resident (sorta) chocoholic!

Carrie said...

Good grief this cake looks amazing!
It makes my mouth water just looking at the picture!!

Thanks for the help on the Spanish Rice Colleen! That would make all the difference, I am definitely trying your additions! My Spanish rice just didn't have any "Spanish" flavors :-(

Lynda said...

As a confirmed chocoholic, this cake is loudly calling my name! It looks rich and delicious and I have to bookmark it. Thanks!