Wednesday, June 22, 2016


One of my recipe blog readers was kind enough to tell me that someone at the following link:   had copied and re-published over THREE HUNDRED of my recipes and recipe photos onto their web page. As far as I could tell, MY recipes and photos are the ONLY posts on their whole web site!!
Needless to say, I'm not happy about it.  There is NO contact information (that I can see) on this offenders recipe blog, so I don't have a clue how to contact them, do you?
Thank you for listening
to my rant.


Anonymous said...

OK. Not cool. I'm sorry this happened to you. I love your blog (and recipes). Keep doing you and forget about the copy cats. I, for one, know the real deal!

Nancy said...

Sorry Coleen. That must be incredibly frustrating. I don't understand people sometimes.

Melanie said...

So sorry this has happened to you. I've sent you an email...through the contact information you DO have posted. ��

Anonymous said...

I'm old, so I don't know much about computers and so forth, but it seems that site is hosted at Indonesia -panjamedia. You'll probably not get very far there, but you could contact them. I used the google translate to understand what panjamedia was:

The other thing you could do is to complain to blogger since they are using a blogger platform:

And you can complain directly to google since they are using "google friend connect" -they have the button on their site.

Please know that your website, your recipes, and especially, your personality is appreciated by many. Don't let this thief discourage you.


debbie said...

Sorry to hear this Coleen. Awful.

Michelle said...

They even left your name on the lower right hand corner of the Thin Mint Cookie Recipe. I don't blame you for being upset.


Michelle Miller said...

As Pat said, contact Google. Since they have no contact info on their blog, that would probably be your best bet. So sorry this was done to you. Nothing worse than someone who steals another's work. :(

Betty said...

Unbelievable. Just when you think you've seen it all. They started stealing your recipes in 2011? What I found amusing is this at the bottom:

All About Women Copyright © 2011 Design by Panji Media

Why would they do something like that anyway? It looked like there's no way to even leave a comment.

I'm so sorry this happened to you. I hope you'll keep posting recipes.

sophie mama said...

People will steal anything these days. I love your blog and am so sorry this has happened.

Kylee said...

Hey, Coleen - actually I do know how to handle this.

You need to send a DCMA takedown notice.

It's not nearly as hard as it sounds! It happened to me, and I contacted the blogger's hosting company, and went through the legal department etc.

I'd be happy to help you - drop me a line, and I'll show you what I did.
kylee (at)