Wednesday, October 2, 2013


This is more of an idea than a recipe, but it is SO CUTE and super quick and easy. Even the youngest "cooks" in your house can do this one easily and what a fun idea to have a bowl of these at your next "spooky" Halloween party.

All you need is some white lollipop sticks, some miniature marshmallows and some peanut butter chips; it is quick and easy!!

The lollipop sticks come in a couple different lengths, so whatever length you use, just try to cut them down (if necessary) so they are Q-Tip size. 

Push a miniature marshmallow onto each end. Dip the marshmallow into melted peanut butter chips and lay them on some waxed paper to cool.

I just melted a few peanut butter chips + and a drizzle of milk in the microwave until it was melted (about 20-30 seconds). Any flavor chocolate chips will work fine.

The kids will have a blast making (and eating) these fun Halloween treats.