Thursday, April 30, 2009


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I found this idea on a web site a few years ago (long before I was aware of the blogging world). It is a fun (and easy) project which can be tailored to any age, holiday or special occasion.

Need a gift for someone at work or school? Make them a small version. Make a huge version for a table centerpiece at a teenager’s birthday party. The possibilities are endless.

The “candy cake” pictured was made with a 9” cardboard circle for a base. Since the candy you are going to fill this with is heavy, the base cardboard needs to be pretty rigid, so…if in doubt, double-up your cardboard. If you double up your cardboard, wrap it in foil to disguise it.

Next, I hot glued two (FLAT) 8” Styrofoam wreath circles (craft dept. at Walmart) on top of each other, then wrapped them with wide ribbon (to disguise them) and glued them to the cardboard circle base. Now you should have a flat base with a ribbon wrapped “lip” around the outer edge of the base.

Next, attach mini-candy bars or mini-boxes of candy to the outside of the “lip” by placing a SINGLE SMALL DOT of hot glue on the back of the candy wrapper (use my photo as a guide).

Now fill the hollow area inside of the Styrofoam wreath "lip" with loose, wrapped candies, fill to the top.Next, think about decorating the flat top of the Styrofoam “lip”. You can either glue more candy to it, or push lollipops, blow pops, or any candy on a stick, into the Styrofoam so it will add height (see my photo).

TIP: Plan ahead and make sure all of your candy bars are facing in the same direction. Keep your design or color theme in mind when you are choosing candy bars.

TIP: If you are using hot glue on chocolate bars, remember just one little dot will suffice and if you are concerned about it, freeze them first.

TIP: Do not use any unwrapped candy.
TIP: If giving as a gift, this looks especially festive if you wrap it in clear cellophane and decorate it with lots of curly ribbons.

The hardest part of this project is not snacking on the candy while you are constructing it!!!